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RIP Gordon Haskell

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Who was the bassist and song writer for King Crimson. Dead at 74 from a long battle with Lung Cancer.



Current:  JRiver 26 on Win 10 PC (AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with 32 GB RAM) or Daphile on an AMD A10-5700 with 8 GB RAM


Amplification - Bow Technologies Wazoo Integrated (great amp - silly name)

Speakers: Wharfedale Linton Heritage - KEF LS50 - ELAC unifi UB5's - Linn Tukans - others......

Cables: Tara Labs RCS Reference speaker cables and DiMarzio Interconnects

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Sorry But Gordon Haskell did not write any songs for that Band. It was a  time in his life Which he would Like to Brush Over but he couldn't. If he had more input then that band would have meant more to him then just 9 months of Unpleasantness and Overpowering by it's founder. 


His Style is Jazz, Blues and Country with some on  Rock and Roll Jazz or Rhythm and Blues .

He is Most Remember for his Hit 'How Wonderful You are' from 2001. It is The BBC RADIO 2 most requested song and It got to number 2 in the Christmas Charts . The Album 'Harry's Bar' (2002)  went to Number 2 in UK album Charts too and Went in the charts in Many European countries of which Poland is where he played the most.  There He had 'How Wonderful You Are' at 1 with 2 other top 40 Hits.  3 Other Albums went into the Top 40 . 

He released his Latest Album in 2020 ' The Cat Whose Got The Cream ' 


Rest In Peace Gordon Haskell



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