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Metadatics vs Yate?

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YATE is a very mighty tool ...

if you know, how to use it.


With its automation and regular expressions you can normalize tags to your taste with one click for all selected tracks. 

Lyrics and cover art are easily fetched from the internet.

And so on.


It is useful if you know to code a little bit.

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I have used both to tag, so far I think Metadatics works well for me. Usually, I don’t fetch anything from the internet with the tagging app. I generally use Album Art Exchange to find images, but Qobuz includes high-quality images with each file. If I use lyrics, I check out a couple different sites to find the closest match. I basically want the program to provide a wide range of features. I like the way Metadatics allows users to easily add custom tags.




You pretty much hit the nail on the head:

6 hours ago, Fridolin said:

YATE is a very mighty tool ...

if you know, how to use it.


It is useful if you know to code a little bit.


Right now, I really don’t have the time to learn Yate. And I am not a coder. It does seem like a good program, but it seems to need a quick-start guide. I can figure out the simple stuff pretty easily, but to learn the true value of the program, I would have to buy it.

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Using Yate since several years, a wonderful and powerful tool.

Should you have any kind of troubles you can have a very effective support from Barry/2manyrobots.

The last update (6.1) brings a very nice feature that enables multi item tags for Alac/m4a file types (very recommended if you use Minimserver).

Massive editing is supported by macros (customizable) and the possibility to define custom editing panels is really powerful.

Did try other editors (SongKong, Jaikoz, Kid3, Metadatics ...) and I find Yate really superior 




My audio system

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