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40cm Lush^2 USB 2.0 Cable $200 with or without modifications

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40cm Lush^2 USB 2.0 Cable $200 with or without modifications

For sale is a Lush^2 USB 2. cable with a simple, easily reversible modification. Price is $200 shipping included CONUS only.


This second generation cable features tunable layers of 3 shields that can be connected together in (100s or is it 1000's) of different combinations including connections to the USB shells on either end.


On top of that a fourth layer of shielding has been added and connected at the source end for an amazing increase in SQ. This fourth layer is easy to remove and re-add for those that want to experiment. Months of experimentation lead to this configuration.


If preferred, the fourth shield can be removed before shipping.


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    200.00 USD
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