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Pandemic Music Thread / General

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Our Audio hobby is in the pursuit of music discovery and reproduction. 

Discovering new artists, learning about their skills, their instruments, their trades. 

We all love music or we wouldn't be here talking about the latest DAC and that last speaker. Audio without music is like heavens without angels. 


What kind of music? Organ? Choral? Soul? Calypso? Bossa Nova? Tango? Or Opera? 

None of those, but about Chamber Classical, Jazz, Blues, international, and all of the above and everything else in the music world that rocks our hearts and bring tears of joy in times of chaos. 


I would love to not only share music but also all related; discussions of the highest supreme level where boundaries are broken and we let it rip wide open in the vast immense space of the universe. 


This could be the beginning of the end ... the choice is ours as a team. 

We can expand or we can shrink. 


There are roughly seven trillion music styles I would love to start with, and this the goal ...

Also, there are eight billion rules; but none is valid. There is no agenda, no bias, no sales pitch, no best, no worse, no price tag, no ultimatum. 


It's a pandemic music thread...in music, in lyrics, in words, in discussions, in advancement, in knowledge, in sharing, in what vibes in these times, in this moment, in our lives. 


Don't count anything, just discount everything. 

Participate, stay mute, this is your decision, not mine. ...Without borderlines ...



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December 5, 2019 ... just before or just about @ the start of the new dawn ... with most of us in complete darkness. 



I just recently discovered her, I now am a subscriber to her YouTube channel.

Great voice, very charismatic smile. Check her out; she brings a good dose of cure in the system. 

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Just now, Axial said:


So much music not enough time Frank. 


Tell me, which instrument is your favorite Frank, the one that speaks to your soul and heart directly? 




Probably the violin, Bob - in the hands of a master, it can tear your heart apart, and put it back together again so much better than it was before ... 🙂






Over and out.



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23 minutes ago, DuckToller said:


got the mail from her bandcamp account about the single this morning ...


Yes, that single was just released yesterday...brand new. 

And so are few other music videos I posted. Very fresh stuff some of it; so it speaks to us (to me anyway) on the same pandemic wavelength. And each artist has his/her own style of feeling and expressing, ultimately reaching our own inner vibes, mine anyway.

I feel way more connected to the music and the artists as never before in my lifetime (2/3rd of 100). It doesn't matter if it's from a mega hi-fi sound system or from a USB stick plugged in in a DAC from Nepal with red display for the high res numbers. 



...Or a sota turntable with a digitally recorded album from the Sahara desert during a fierce firing sandstorm @ midnight over the satin sky illuminating the dunes from breaks in the stars of the moment. 


☆ Take the time, to listen, to live, and to die. 

Play it the way you feel it. 

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Toru Takemitsu : Corona for Pianist(s) (1962) / Yuji Takahashi (1972 recording).




And some more (possibly co-merge):




Hope the time will come for Post Corona Music and this will not be A.I.('s) that will create the thread and post on it..B|



What’s true of all the evils in the world is true of plague as well.
It helps men to rise above themselves.
  ―  Albert Camus, The Plague.


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Prior to the pandemic, I was much more into Opera and Tango. 

Now I expanded my music repertoire internationally...Blues for example. 

I always liked Blues, it's just that right now it's Black Coffee. 



When I go shopping I'm masked, before I wasn't. I buy less music but I buy more food, more than I need. I don't know why, it is what it is. 

But with all the music concerts cancelled I want to know what the musicians are doing. 


Halloween is coming up, I'm looking Halloween music. Do you know how Halloween music sounds like? ...Accordion? 

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