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SSDs for reliable music storage, which is best?

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Music data storage is write-once and data does not change, so it is suitable workload for SSDs.


Any modern SSD should work. If SSD breaks down, replace it with new one and restore music data from offline HDD backup 😄


About SSD reliability, this paper, especially §7 and §8 is interesting. They tested many drives with “many millions of drive days”



Note: “transparent error” means the read/write error that occurred on the lower level layer is successfully corrected by the error-correcting code. This error correction is performed on SSD firmware and correct data is delivered.


On Windows, when uncorrectable read error happens, the following error dialog will be shown and the app will stop:




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I've used those SATA/SAS SSDs.


My testing is not millions of drive days but among those disks, Samsung 840 Evo is not recommended, which read speed slows down significantly after 6 month from writing data. It seems other models including Samsung 860 Qvo does not exhibit this problem so far.




Sunday programmer since 1985

Developer of PlayPcmWin

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