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NetGear Powerline 1200 - internet extending --> Ethernet

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So my router is a good bit far away from where my streamer will be, I did try to use a WiFi extender with an ethernet out and it would often lag out and disconnect .. so I am thinking of going with a power line extender (the one I'm looking at is Netgear 1200)..  


Three questions ..


1. Anyone have experience with this, how is it working out?  

2. If I net 50-80 MegaBits speed, will that be plenty?  I read somewhere you only need 3-5 megabits to steam music 

3. Will the RF of the internet signal cause issues with my mains in terms of RF noise thus harming the sound of my system? if so, will a simple power conditioner strip cure this?

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I have an older unit (Trendnet? Or maybe a Netgear unit...I like Netgear equipment)  that has been installed for several years and have had not issues.  I have it feeding an ethernet connection to an AV receiver, located in the next room, that does not have WiFi capability. Has worked when I need it to.  I tested basic streaming from my NAS and getting firmware updates.  No problem other than the cludgy Marantz software.


My understanding, but no confirmation, is it works very well when on the same circuit. 


Purchase from somewhere that you can return if it does not work.  All you can do is try.

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