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Sonore ultraRendu + LPS-1 + iFi iPower + Sbooster Ultra

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Sonore ultraRendu + LPS-1 + iFi iPower + Sbooster Ultra

I'm selling a Sonore ultraRendu network streamer in good condition (two small scratches on the top of the enclosure). This is one of the most versatile streamers on the market, having multiple output modes - including NAA for HQPlayer. I'm providing a Sonore DC-4 power cable, iFi iPower 9V wall wart adapter and an Uptone LPS-1 power supply. The LPS-1 is unfortunately working a bit hectic as of late, so I'm offering this as free. Optionally I can offer an Sbooster Ultra MKI 9V linear power supply for the ultraRendu. I'm providing original boxes to all components. I'm also providing two sets of SD cards with Sonicorbiter OS 2.7 and 2.8 separately.


The price of the ultraRendu package (rendu+dc4+ifi+lps-1+2 SD cards) is 600 USD, additionally the Sbooster would cost 200 USD.


Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. It is shipping from Europe.


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