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Article: Amazon Music HD Is Still Lossy

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Speaking of Chromecast, it seems the Amazon Music HD app is the only one missing from the list of apps supporting Chromecast!


Even Apple Music made it in 2020 - something I never thought I'd see !


If the desktop and iOS and Android apps eventually supports Chromecast, that should enable bit perfect playback up to 96kHz (for things like Chromecast Audio if you have one).









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32 minutes ago, Cookie Marenco said:

Blue Coast Records has recently signed a distribution deal with a very large company (to be announced soon) and in the process have uncovered some interesting processes that have not been transparent in the past.  What you suspect about the files is true....  what the labels upload to the servers for distribution is not what the digital services providers get (like Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Apple, and also known as dsps in our legal agreements).  


We were signed because of the oncoming push for HD... specifically Amazon.  I can't mention names right now, but I can say that there are third party delivery services that take what the label uploads to the distributor and delivers to the dsps. 


Here's an example of what happens. 


We uploaded 192WAV and the dsp is selling a 9624.  Huh?  The dsp can handle 192.  They already have our directly sent files... so who sent the 9624?  And did an unapproved conversion in the middle?  Yes, our interns can hear the difference.


Whilst MQA is not the solution I wanted (and I want MQA to go away), this is a problem Bob Stuart has spoken about a lot too.


Files being fiddled with along the supply chain. Not only downsampled in as in your example, but also files being upsampled. People have caught many examples of the latter over the years.


What a disaster !

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