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Article: Amazon Music HD Is Still Lossy

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3 minutes ago, seeteeyou said:

Smart TVs, Subscription Services Leak Data to Facebook, Google



Netflix reminds everyone it’s creeping on them



Now the $64,000 question is whether they're getting paid to invade our privacy while gaining even more profits from such activities








Pretty Orwellian if you will







Is there a tie-in to Amazon Music HD?

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2 minutes ago, 992Sam said:

some time ago, Amazon banned me from being able to do any reviews, and furthermore deleted my prior reviews...  I'd been an Amazon member since 2002 and they did this without any sort of due process and refused to allow me to appeal the ban.. they essentially refused to tell me what I did wrong (and I could not recall anything out of the ordinary) but at the same time they were perfectly happy to keep my membership going so I can spend the thousands of dollars I'd spent thru their stores...


Suffice it to say, I've now been a non-amazon user for over two months and I frankly don't miss it... 90% of what they sell is Walmart grade made in China crap anyway... and it's not that hard to find things I do need that are of that level of quality at a Target, Walmart, or Etsy online store...


So the fact that they have crappy music streaming now just solidifies my lack of desire to return as a customer. 

That’s what it’s like to do business with them as well. 

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4 hours ago, jcbenten said:

Amazon set up their music service to support their "smart", Alexia speakers...not to cater to a few hanging out in the corner messing around with cables, optical networks, and power supplies.  These little speakers are nifty and sound ok but are meant to be convenience devices stuck in a corner.  Much like Apple, Amazon is not going to mess around to satisfy the few even though Amazon probably has the power and $$ to make the labels create really good masterings of the music.  


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5 minutes ago, asdf1000 said:

@The Computer Audiophile what's the status of Amazon Music HD on the Bluesound Node 2i ?


That's not bitperfect with auto sample rate switching, using it's digital output?

That’s the one product I wish I had here for testing, but I don’t. My guess is that the Node 2i can’t make a lossy stream lossless if you know what I mean. 

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4 minutes ago, asdf1000 said:


I def get what you mean but how do you know the stream itself is lossy?


From what I understood from your article, you haven't been able to confirm bit perfect playback with the stuff you have to playback (and I see that is a common frustration with people using the desktop and mobile apps for Amazon Music HD).


But that doesn't mean the stream itself is lossy?


I manually setup macOS, Windows 10, and tried a Sonia Port (more on that in another article). With manual setup, I should be able to get lossless for a single sample rate if the stream is lossless. If the stream is lossless but the apps can’t reproduce a lossless stream with any configuration, this would be the first time I’ve ever seen this. 

The issues usually come about when switching sample rates or getting the sample rate of the output to match the input stream. Once this is manually set and all the other gremlins are tended to (no EQ, volume to 100%, etc...) the app just passes along what’s sent to it. 

As it stands now, if one can’t get lossless audio from a service through any known/tested means, I have to conclude its lossy. I wish there was other hardware integrated with the service.


If I can get a node 2i for testing I’ll get it done. 

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Just now, asdf1000 said:


All noted. I would completely agree with this conclusion if you had also confirmed with a Node 2i. 


It's possible you may need to do a major update to your article after testing with a Node 2i (or maybe not).



Ok cool.


It would be strange if the company providing the stream offered no way of hearing it unaltered, but it’s possible. 


Sonos Port couldn’t play Amazon bit perfect, but it also couldn’t play bit perfect from Qobuz or Tidal. My old Sonos Connect had no trouble with this. If I can find my Connect and stream Amazon through it, this will provide an additional data point. 

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1 minute ago, Daren F said:


I say bit perfect in the sense that the bit rate and sample rate change on my preamp to reflect what Amazon claims the track quality is.

Ah, ok. 

This means the right sample rate is being played, but it isn’t indicative of bit perfect playback. In my tests I duplicated this by manually setting the sample rate, yet it still wasn’t lossless. 

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1 hour ago, asdf1000 said:


This posted just last week:





The crap UI via the BluOS app is a common complaint, but that's probably for a different article.



Thanks for the info. However, it’s a common misconception that sample rate = bit perfection. Think about it this way, play the right sample rate but crank the digital volume control way down. That’s chopping off tons of bits, yet the sample rate is right. 

I have a node 2i on the way. 

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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24 minutes ago, audiobomber said:

What is wrong with setting Windows to play all Amazon HD files at 24/192? Why is bit-perfect preferred?

This is where someone like @Miska could probably give a much better answer, but I’ll give you mine. 

Setting Windows to 192 means some DSP is taking place. Is the resampling done by the Amazon app or Windows? I’m guessing by Windows but I’m not totally sure. Either way, the DSP is likely of very low quality compared to the advanced processing of something like HQPlayer or a dCS Upsampler. I prefer to have a real high end app or component handle DSP rather than something that’s designed to increase compatibility like Windows processing. 

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Just now, whell said:

One thing I do really like about Amazon - I couldn't find a similar feature on Qobuz - are Amazon music "stations".  I can pick a genre of music and that music will play all day in that genre of finding them it off.  Great for just playing music of my choice unattended.   Also, after about a week or so, Amazon will create a "station" called My Music based on the music genres I typically listen to.   It also sound pretty darn good to my ears.  

Stations would be a welcomed feature of Qobuz @David Craff

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3 minutes ago, JETHEAT said:

all of the ones i have looked at from cambridge audio to NAD to marantz all seemingly ignore amazon music hd. i wonder why. 


The deal with Amazon Music HD is not that HiFi companies are ignoring it, more like Amazon is ignoring HiFI companies. Amazon is notoriously difficult to work with and doesn't even respond to most HiFi companies attempts to communicate with Amazon. 

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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