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Automatic Output Sample Rates in Mac OSX ?

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Excuse me if this has been answered before.


I've seen that I can change the digital output sample rate in OSX via the audio/midi panel. Is there a way of having the output stream automatically follow the original sample rate of the file that's playing in iTunes ?


Sorry, if I'm not being clear, but as I understand it if you have mostly 44.1/16 files and have the audio/midi settings at this value, when a file that is, say, 96/24 is played it gets downconverted. (I'm using an airport express, the question is moot at the moment, but I intend to connect my mac directly to the dac shortly).


Is this where an interface like the Lynx comes in ?, if so is there a USB or firewire attached product that will do what I'm looking for ?






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What is going on?


In any case, am I missing something? If you don't like software OR DAC upsampling/downsampling: even if such a feature WAS available in itunes and the bit rate of the audio stream from itunes WAS passed through, don't you then need a DAC that autosenses this input and can switch between sensing this input automatically? Otherwise if you want pure unsampled sound, your going to have to do this manually on the DAC....or is there a DAC already available that autosenses the digital input ??


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I have a Beresford DAC and it autosenses the input rate, I thought that all DACs did this. I suppose that may not be true.


So Chris, how long do we have to wait, you keep telling us there's something coming, is it software, hardware, carrier pigeon ...,


what ?





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Any computer dac senses the change in sample rate. This is a requirement of any dac. If the rates are available in Audio Midi then they are available to any application.


The problem is the same on Vista as it is on OSX that everything is resampled to the output specified in either Audio Midi or on Vista the Control Pane for the device.


On the MAC side you can change this if you "HOG" the output stream in CoreAudio then you have control over that device and can do as you like. When you exit it is the applications responsibility to return the sample rate to the one set in Audio Midi. If this is not done then the next time Audio Midi is launched that rate will be the same as the last track played in the application.


On the PC side it needs too use Exclusive mode and the user is required to "allow" the device to be used that way and the application again as above will change the rate depending on the track.





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I found this old thread and wondered if the original question was answered. I too would like to find a way to have the Audio Midi program automatically adjust to the sample rate/bit width of the source material, especially for my DTS encoded files, which will only play through to my receiver (which does indeed autosense the sample rate of the source) when Audio Midi is set to 44.1/16. I understand that this can be set manually, but my goal is to have a single music library of mixed sample rates (including the DTS files) and simply play them without having to reset Audio Midi every time I want to play a DTS file (or reset it to a higher resolution setting for the other files). Gordon,your response may answer my question, but I may need a bit of clarification.


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