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Anyone need a 25MHz Crystal/Clock to theirs Buffalo switch, NUC`s or? At Andrea Mori`s Groupbuy at Diyaudio.

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The train to Andrea`s Group Buy at Diyaudio at crystals, clockboards and psuèr is running soon.
I do not know Andrea personally or have financial interests in his threads.
The reason why I am creating this thread is that the frequency of 25MHz is not so popular/normal and ie that it will probably be difficult to 
achieve the minimum requirement of 10 or 15 pieces just on Diyaudio and therefore I try here to spread the message about his GB in other forums,
as others must also have the chance, as well as I do not even have 10 Buffalo BS-GS2016 switches etc. and thus I don`t need 10-15 crystals, 
if I am the only one who orders a 25MHz crystal at diyaudios GB.

Whether his 25MHz or 6.25MHz crystals/clocks are worse or better than ex. Pink Faun`s ULTRA OCXO, I don`t know,
but Andrea writes a bit about it here:
Andrea even mentions these 3 options cheapest to most expensive I think:

"All in one" solution, the new Pierce oscillator with an AT crystal at 6.25 MHz followed by 1/2 doublers in the same PCB. Good, cheapest.

The new Driscoll oscillator (TWTMC-DRIXO) with SC crystal at 25MHz. Better, more expensive.

The new Driscoll oscillator (TWTMC-DRIXO) with SC crystal at 6.25 MHz followed by a couple of doublers. Best, most expensive.

A TWTMC-DRIXO board is available as far as I have understood as just pcb, almost finished pcb or finished, without crystal, 
but Andrea will soon come with the options, the final prices and BOM on his crystals, clockboards and psuèr.

Anyone interested?   ;0)

The Well Tempered Master Clock - Building a low phase noise / jitter crystal oscillator:
The Well Tempered Master Clock - Group buy:
The Well Regulated Power Supply:
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