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Anyone need a 25MHz Crystal/Clock to theirs Buffalo switch, NUC`s or? At Andrea Mori`s Groupbuy at Diyaudio.

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Bacillus, have you decided to not order the 6.25MHz sc crystal? I'm interested in that possibility and getting two clock doublers so as to lower the phase noise 10 to 15 db and still get the 25 Mhz final freq. Are there enough orders for a group buy of the 6.25MHz crystal and is there still time to get in on it?

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18 hours ago, basillus said:


I just wanted to say that I really appreciated you bringing this DIY thread to my attention. I was able to get my order in just under the wire. I think it may end up being a worthy competitor to the Pink Faun clocks at a fraction of the cost. Time will tell (time... get it)

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I hope no one minds my piggybacking on this thread. Andrea at DIY audio said he will probably have another group buy for his oscillators in July. I previously bought an AIO oscillator board with two doublers and an STS board for the 25 Mhz output for the Buffalo 8016 switch. It used a 6.25 Mhz AT cut xtal quadrulpled to 25 Mhz. That seems to be the most economical bundle Andrea has with for that purpose. I'm interested in doing the same thing for the 10 Mhz clock input for my Etherregen. I will need a 5Mhz AT cut xtal  doubled to 10Mhz. If anyone else is interested in doing the same I'd appreciate it you started thinking about it now so you're ready for the July group buy. There's  always a minimum order of around 10 each of  the xtals for any given frequency so that's why I'm mentioning this.. So if anyone here has a Etherregen and wants to upgrade its performance please think about this. To reiterate: I'm looking to assemble at least 10 people to order a 5 Mhz AT cut xtal.


It could also work with an SC cut 10 Mhz xtal  but use a drixo board and no doublers. I'm not sure which one would be lower phase noise. The 5 Mhz range xtals have lower phase noise that the 10 Mhz. However the SC cut xtals have lower phase noise than AT cut. It might be a wash.

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6 hours ago, realDHT said:


I remember from Andreas measurements last group buy that the phase noise for the 5/6 Mhz SC-cut was actually very similar to the PN for the 11/12 Mhz. Then there was a big increase in PN up to the 22/24 Mhz SC. So based on this, i'm guessing that a 10 MHz SC cut / Driscoll oscillator will have the best performance.

I think you're correct. Check comment 3372 on this page:  The Well Tempered Master Clock - Building a low phase noise/jitter crystal oscillator - Page 338 - diyAudio


There's a graph that has  4 oscillator outputs with phase noise at 11.2896 Mhz. It includes a Drixo oscillator with sc-cut xtal for that frequency. It also includes a PIO oscillator but doesn't use its doubler. It's far worse than the Drixos, worse I think than even using a doubler can make up for.  It's pretty bad. The interesting thing isn't that though. It includes 2 drixos with outputs at 11.2896, but one is doubled from a lower frequency. There really isn't that much difference in phase noise between the 2 oscillators.  I think it would be better to just get the Drixo with a 10 Mhz  SC-cut xtal and no doubler to buy or worry about.


So again: if anyone is interested in getting a 10 Mhz oscillator for the Etherregen go for the Drixo oscillator and a 10 Mhz SC-cut xtal. That's what I plan on doing if we can get enough people.

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