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Anyone need a 25MHz Crystal/Clock to theirs Buffalo switch, NUC`s or? At Andrea Mori`s Groupbuy at Diyaudio.

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1 hour ago, barrows said:

Finally got around to building up a DriXO WTMC @25 MHz, and using it as an external Ethernet clock for my Signature Rendu SEoptical. ....


Indeed, there is a significant performance benefit, it was a Wow! moment within the first couple of notes, even with start up from cold (before the WTMC had a chance to stabilize).  This result surprised me, as I was really expecting there to be no significant difference, I was wrong.  It seems that there is much more to understand about Network audio distribution-fascinating and interesting to say the least.  I cannot even begin to speculate on all of the implications of this result, but for now, I can enjoy the improved sound quality in my system!

That's great Barrows, welcome to the club! :D


But be careful, someone with your name might demand proof besides your sighted, subjective impressions... 9_9

On 1/6/2022 at 10:11 PM, barrows said:

Experience and the actual, verifiable, technical results--no one has demonstrated any technical benefit from applying a SOTA clock to Ethernet, and neither has anyone ever postulated a reasonable mechanism for why a better clock for Ethernet would matter (I am aware of JS' speculations on the matter, and his attempts to measure such, but no such measurements have appeared at this point). 


Fun stuff! 

Be well my friend,


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