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Anyone need a 25MHz Crystal/Clock to theirs Buffalo switch, NUC`s or? At Andrea Mori`s Groupbuy at Diyaudio.

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The train to Andrea`s Group Buy at Diyaudio at crystals, clockboards and psuèr is running soon.
I do not know Andrea personally or have financial interests in his threads.
The reason why I am creating this thread is that the frequency of 25MHz is not so popular/normal and ie that it will probably be difficult to 
achieve the minimum requirement of 10 or 15 pieces just on Diyaudio and therefore I try here to spread the message about his GB in other forums,
as others must also have the chance, as well as I do not even have 10 Buffalo BS-GS2016 switches etc. and thus I don`t need 10-15 crystals, 
if I am the only one who orders a 25MHz crystal at diyaudios GB.

Whether his 25MHz or 6.25MHz crystals/clocks are worse or better than ex. Pink Faun`s ULTRA OCXO, I don`t know,
but Andrea writes a bit about it here:
Andrea even mentions these 3 options cheapest to most expensive I think:

"All in one" solution, the new Pierce oscillator with an AT crystal at 6.25 MHz followed by 1/2 doublers in the same PCB. Good, cheapest.

The new Driscoll oscillator (TWTMC-DRIXO) with SC crystal at 25MHz. Better, more expensive.

The new Driscoll oscillator (TWTMC-DRIXO) with SC crystal at 6.25 MHz followed by a couple of doublers. Best, most expensive.

A TWTMC-DRIXO board is available as far as I have understood as just pcb, almost finished pcb or finished, without crystal, 
but Andrea will soon come with the options, the final prices and BOM on his crystals, clockboards and psuèr.

Anyone interested?   ;0)

The Well Tempered Master Clock - Building a low phase noise / jitter crystal oscillator:
The Well Tempered Master Clock - Group buy:
The Well Regulated Power Supply:
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Sorry, the above looks like crap, It`s looked allright in the preview... 😉

Andreas Groupbuy at Diyaudio is about to finished soon
and in this moment it looks like the this state of art OXCO Board etc.
will be the only one where the (MOQ) have to reach at least 10 pieces of a 25MHz Crystal is possible.

Ask questions, please... I don`t bite 😁

Here is what You need and a little diy skills or others help is a must😉

25 MHz SC-cut Laptech crystal 3rd overtone SC-cut HC-43/U  € 45,00

XO board:
TWTMC-DRIXO-F  New Driscoll XO € 149,00
F=Finished, without XO crystal.

TWTMC-DRIXO-SF New Driscoll XO € 44,00
SF=Semi-finished boards, without XO crystal.
You need to order the missing components mentioned in the BOM at Mouser or.. and solder a few smd capacitors and bigger components. The components cost about 20€.
Hammond cabinet, if needed (mouser part number 546-1455J1601) about 20€.

Mini-Circuits transformers kit:
TWTMC-DRIXO-XFMR 22-25 MHz New Driscoll XO transformers kit 22-24 MHz € 27,00

Sine to square converter:
TWTMC-STS-FSDO-F, fanout version without switching logic
1 input 2 output Price maybe € 18,00(Under evaluation).
Other options are available, but this version is prefered, if you have 2 Buffalo BS GS2016 or other 25MHz switches, because you just need 1 XO board to feed two 25MHz switches or others there need the 25MHz frequence.

How to order:
Please download the order form from the GB thread here
and send Andrea it filled with the items of your interest.


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Link to Info PDF`s especially VII gives a good overview.


Measurements TWTMC-DRIXO new Driscoll oscillator and BOM.


TWTMC-STS-FSDO Sine to square converter,  pictures and info.



Power supplies:

Low noise linear regulators for oscillators and doublers.


TWRPS-UGL Low noise linear regulator and BOM.


TWRPS-pp Low noise push-pull regulator and BOM.


LiFePo4 battery supply system for oscilaltors, doublers and DAC.

TWRPS-LBS-M LiFePo4 batteries power supply main board and BOM.

TWRPS-LBS-D LiFePo4 batteries power supply daughter board and BOM.

TWRPS-LBS-P LiFePo4 batteries power supply PSU and BOM.





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10 hours ago, Crom said:

THanks for the heads up @basillus I have been meaning to try Andrea's clocks. I tried to get involved in the last GB but didn't have time to work out what I needed! I'll take a look.


I'll certainly be after 25 ... maybe even a 24 in case I decide to use USB again...

Hi Crom.
It seems that the GB will end soon, maybe this week, so who there is interested need to react ASAP
and it`s now look like that the TWTMC-PXO-AIO board with the AT 6.25MHz crystal to get the 25MHz frequence
has the greatest chance of achieving MOQ of 10,

so my Drixo recommendations above are on standby ;o)
but the AIO board with the 6.25MHz has also better specifications/measurements than the Drixo with a 25MHz crystal.

New suggestion ;o)

6.2500 MHz AT-cut Laptech crystal fundamental AT-cut HC-43/U  € 38.00


XO board:
TWTMC-PXO-AIO-SF New Pierce XO All in One without crystal and box € 49.00


What skills do I need to go with semi-finished boards?
You should have the ability to solder some SMD components like 0805, 1206 and SOIC packages.
You need to order the missing components mentioned in the BOM at Mouser or..
The components cost about 20€.
Hammond cabinet, if needed (mouser part number 546-1455L2201) about 20€.
Need a 12 to 18 Vdc 80mA Psu.


Mini-Circuits transformers kit:
TWTMC-PXO-AIO-XFMR New Pierce XO All in One  transformers kit € 40.00


Sine to square converter:
If you only have one 25MHz Buffalo switch or other 25MHz device. This is the cheapest solution:


TWTMC-STS SX or DX New Sine to square converter without connectors € 18.00

Need a 3.3 Vdc 15 mA Psu.


If you have 2-4 Buffalo switch or other 25Mhz devices. This will be the cheapest solution, because here you only need 1 or 2 TWTMC-PXO-AIO-SF XO boards, because this sine to square converter board have 2 inputs and 2x2 outputs:


TWTMC-STS-FSDO-F New Sine to square 2 frequencies fanout 2x distribution possible € 79.00

Need a 3.3 Vdc 50 mA (150 mA peak when relays switch) Psu.


Updated Order Form:



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26 minutes ago, exeric2 said:

Bacillus, have you decided to not order the 6.25MHz sc crystal? I'm interested in that possibility and getting two clock doublers so as to lower the phase noise 10 to 15 db and still get the 25 Mhz final freq. Are there enough orders for a group buy of the 6.25MHz crystal and is there still time to get in on it?

Hi exeric2.
I know..., a 6.25MHz SC crystal, TWTMC-DRIXO-SF New Driscoll XO, TWTMC-DRIXO-XFMR 22-24 MHz, TWTMC-DBM-SF and TWTMC-STS SX or DX or TWTMC-STS-FSDO-F will be the best, but also most expensive solution.
The biggest problem is that nobody have ordered the 6.25MHz SC crystal 79€ and the MOQ at this crystal is 15.
and I don`t need 15, so therefore I can`t order this ;O)
but have choosed the second best option.
I think the GB may end this week, but only Andrea know...

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I just read this Andrea wrote yesterday...

Next days I will start collecting payments for the orders with items that meet the MOQ.

I will add the shipping cost and the calculated VAT fee where applicable to each order form I have received, then I will send the proforma invoice (Paypal or proforma invoice by e-mail for those who has chosen bank transfer payment).

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On 11/30/2020 at 9:13 AM, exeric2 said:

Thanks for the information basillus. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong list but looking at the latest chain request that you linked to I only saw 2 each of 6.25 AT crystal ordered. Is there another list that includes previously ordered 6.25 AT crystals? Thanks.

You are welcome and thank you for helping to reach MOQ 10. However, I do not quite understand the almost total lack of interest in here for Andreas groupbuy. It has been nearly mission impossible to reach just MOQ10 and I have ordered the 3 of them... They must not be aware of how difficult it is to find good 24MHz, 25MHz etc. XO crystals at a proper price. Instead, they happily spend large sums on pinkfaun or other much more expensive, but not necessarily better alternatives ...and there must be many in here, who can use a 25MHz crystal and XO-board for their NUC, motherboard, switch, sfp converter etc ...


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