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Operational Issue with i-Peng Radio

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Having returned home after a 2 month sojourn I rebooted my network and switched on my system.  I usually start a listening session with some Internet Radio, specifically Radio Swiss Classics.  My system is running on an Innuos Statement using i-Peng UI. When I first installed the system, I connected up the Statement, installed i-Peng, connected the 2 logically and i had a seemingly endless number of WW radio stations. All good! 


But after this recent trip I suddenly only have about 18 stations, and they are all UK based.  I have no idea how i-Peng picks up radio, whether there’s an app in the background which no longer works or for which a subscription that I’m not aware of has lapsed. As I said, no idea. So I don’t know why the stations have disappeared and where to go to get them back. 


In all other respects, the system is running normally and plays the radio channels that are presented for play. I have tried the i-Peng manual but I didn’t find the details I needed so  I’m hope one of you knows i-Peng well enough to know how it picks up Internet Radio IP addresses and can help me isolate whats going on and correct it. 

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Looks like you're not aware that iPeng is a Squeezebox network music player type controller app and that the internet radio function is not actually provided by iPeng. So when you use the Innuos Statement with iPeng for internet radio, you are merely remote controlling the Statement's internal Logitech Media Server's internet radio function to play to the Statement's internal Squeezelite player.


The Logitech Media Server's basic internet radio function uses the TuneIn internet radio aggregator service to provide it with internet station stream links. Unfortunately, TuneIn have recently restricted provision of international radio station stream links to its UK based clients, after legal action by Sony and Warner:



The work around is to configure LMS to use a different method to obtain the internet station stream links. For example, the RadioNet LMS plugin gives you the ability to search for a particular internet radio station and add its stream URL as an entry in the Favourites section.


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Aha. Sorted. Thanks a lot! I am actually aware that iPeng is a Squeezebox network music player controller app although I haven’t spent a lot of time on the specifics. The link between iPeng and the Statement is (was) totally seamless and it all worked so flawlessly from the get go I’ve never had the reason/need to look into how the Radio URLs were obtained. Thanks to your info I’m again listening to my favorite music.  So all Sony Warner have achieved is to make everything marginally less convenient.

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