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Prospective user question re use with no server

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Hi, sorry if this is a novice question but having looked through I couldn’t find a ready answer. So I have a synology NAS and an Opera Consonance Reference 8 Pro (streamerwith UPnP and DLNA plus DAC ) connected through a switch. The consonance reference pro is used to stream Tidal and play the music files on the Synology NAS. So I have no music sever, I guess the Consonance reference pro 8 is acting as the server. So in this configuration am I likely to see a benefit in playing my files from the synology Nas and the Tidal stream from the Internet ? With international supply chains in disarray I thought I would ask this as the great 30 day return offer is unlikely to be a practical option. Many thanks and apologies if too obvious a question.

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Since you posted this in the Uptone Audio Forum, have you forgotten to ask if this is about the EtherRegen in your chain?


If so, Yes. I run a Synology NAS for my music files and use Roon to play and stream. The EtherRegen powered by Paul Hynes SR4 and his silver power cable makes a huge difference. You will not be sending back the EtherRegen.


If it's not about the EtherRegen or any other Uptone Audio Product, you should ask your question in another forum.




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