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Deleting BDP_Front Files Created By Bryston BDP / BDA-3.14

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Hi Guys, this is just an informational post, in case anyone wants to do what I did. 


I recently discovered the Bryston BDA-3.14 created 40,000+ files on my NAS by creating copies of my album art. The files looked like this - bdp_front_ and were jpg files. I needed to remove these, but doing it on a NAS can be burdensome through the web interface. Here's how I removed them much easier and quicker. 


I logged into the QNAP via SSH

Navigated to the directory where my music is stored, in my case "/share/CACHEDEV4_DATA/music"

Ran the following command to find and remove all the bdp_front images "find . -type f -name 'bdp_front_*.jpg' -delete"


The whole process took about ten seconds. 


Founder of Audiophile Style

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