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Question about file transfer on Sony HAP S1

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I'm new to the forum and looking forward to learning from other members.

I recently purchased a Sony HAP S1 Audio player system. It was a leftover display at a dealer that was closing shop.


I really like the unit but I am having problems transferring albums from my PC.


I rip CD's using Windows Media Player in Windows 10 (WAV format).  The tracks all show up and play properly on my PC.

I am using the Sony HAP Software to transfer the files to the HAP via wireless.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the first track of almost every album gets separated from the rest of the album and shows up on the HAP as "Unknown Track/Unknown Artist."

All other tracks transfer correctly and appear on the HAP with the correct album name and artwork.  So, for example, if I try to transfer an album with 10 tracks, the first song shows up as Unknown Album. The remaining 9 tracks show up correctly.


Sony hasn't been much help. They had me reset the unit, and resent me the file transfer instructions.  However the problem remains.


Have any other HAP owners run into this? I'm at a loss for what to do next.

Thanks for your help!

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