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Sonus Farber Guarneri Homage Value?

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My father in-law passed away earlier this year and had a 7.1 set of Sonus Farber's with the two front L/R being Guarneri Homage models. My mother in-law is having an estate sale and having a difficult time putting a price/value on these. No one in the family is an audiophile, so we're out of our depths here. I know he paid 5 figures for the set in the early 2000's so I don't want the estate sale to practically give them away. 


Anyone know an approximant value for these? 


IMG_1490.thumb.JPG.2127376348dce460606f1920f2a85fe4.JPG IMG_1489.thumb.JPG.4fa736b04499f987b9019c70de629afb.JPG IMG_1493.thumb.JPG.b84ab75ae16f6dd417f499a684eafa18.JPG IMG_1494.thumb.JPG.4875c510df7ef2335ea43874ab635e6d.JPG IMG_1496.thumb.JPG.725802f02cc4f878df8125429b689033.JPG

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