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Innuos Zenith Restarts

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14 hours ago, ehoz said:

Does anyone else find the innuos zenith sound quality starts to degrade every now and then. It helps with a restart... clear diff in resolution.

How often do you restart the server?

I thought I was imagining that!  You also reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to do this.  It seemed more of an issue when I had a Zenith Mk2 Std.  I can’t recall ever doing this with my Zenith Mk3, but I’ve only had it since August.  I’ll try a restart later.

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Amp & Speakers:  Spectral DMA-150mk2 > Aerial 10T

Foundation: Stillpoints Ultra, Shunyata Denali power conditioner, Shunyata Alpha and Delta power cords, Shunyata Alpha interconnect, Shunyata Sigma Ethernet, MIT Matrix HD60 speaker cables, ASC isothermal tube traps

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It would seem the cure for all IT sickness, is a restart. Flush the poop out s'pose.


Recently, there was a need to work on the 120V power which feeds all the IT equipment including the music server. Problem was during a short power utility brief dip, two transformers, 1000VA and 2000VA Topaz energising at the same time tripped out the upstream 25A circuit breaker. After the re-start, I did notice the music was calm, but since then, nothing lasts nicely, the sound is back to what it is which isn't too bad really.


Will blame it on Roon.

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