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Comparing ripped DSD files from SACD to download files from Hires website suppliers

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I’m brand new to ripping the DSD files from SACD’s.  

I spent a few days ripping SACD’s to my Mac mini server. I‘m using JRiver for player and Mytek Stereo 192 DAC.

I have not had a chance, time to really warm up equipment, for any critical listening yet. I may be premature in an observation but I’m going to jump in here for member thoughts.

I have some “same” files in my library that were downloaded from a hires website to compare to “same” files ripped from my SACD. There is a sound difference that I hope to describe in greater detail After I spend a bit of critical listening time.

Do any members have experience/findings?


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To make sure the transition between tracks doesn't end up with noise or an annoying tick, I use Audioinventory's 48x44 SACD ripper from the ISO. It uses SACD_Extract, dff2dsf and it's own PCM treatment of the transition. 


It works well, but to find a difference from commercial DSF and ripped SACD, can't say I can detect a difference, since A/B when comparing files has time delays and biological memory can somewhat drift. Technically, using SACD_extract and other tools would be the same for commercial houses, hey they are free, so why not use them. Differences may be due to different masters or re-issues. At least with the SACD, there's some providence and evidence of who did what, the download reveals very little. What we need is an authentication system with the digital download to advise of its authenticity and providence, the music industry cannot agree on many things, so this is a pie in the sky dream.

For instance there's no agreement for the Hires logo: The right is from USA, the left from everyone else.




I do find playing the original SACD and comparing digital file playback (analog out switch A/B direct) requires $$,$$$ to get even close to SACD playback. By playback I'm taking about dedicated engineered SACD player, not pressed metal blu-ray players that can be held in one hand.

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