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Article: Review | Crane Song Solaris & Forssell MDAC-2a


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Yes sir, pro audio hardware is a wonderful sounding, often ignored  bargain in high end. Think about it,, the recordings you are listening to are created, mixed, mastered, using these devices. How can they make excellent sounding recordings if the hardware can't keep up. I've used various models over the past 10 years or so, switching more just to try something different than being displeased with any. Many (most?) pro audio interfaces have built in analog to digital too if you want to digitize your Vinyl. A few I can recommend in no particular order


Linx Hilo

Apogee Symphony

RME various models


and my current favorite.. Antelope Eclipse 384. Why


-inputs and outputs up to 384K over USB, 192K other digital ins/outs

-Accepts a 10 MHz reference clock

-has very high quality clocks built in, something Antelope is known for

-high quality relay controlled step attenuators for volume control on line level outputs so also a high quality preamp

-same volume configuration on dual headphone amps with a low enough output impedance (.3 ohms) and a few watts of power that will drive my horns directly = no power amp needed

-being a DIY guy .. it also has separate power supplies for digital and  analog that I replaced with high quality external linear DC supplies, but sounds great with stock supply.



This was an $8K unit when new but last years model so goes for around a third of that. A real bargain,,, no DSD if that is important to you , or convert to PCM in software like HQplayer






see my system at Audiogon  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/768



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