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"re-created from the Scratch" - Rolling Stone's "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list

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Already in 2003 they had one of my all time favorite records at the top ... last week they returned to another one, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going on".

Here's the link to the new 500 Greatest Albums


I found the mix refreshing I need to admit, however the mix and presence of diversity gave me the impression of being kind of crowd pleasing (hey, consider our stakeholders ...) and I am aware that Beyonce and Kayne have much bigger significance in the Now and Here than Coltrane or Miles, however,  as much as I like Public Enemy for their message, I never found their albums musically impressive. And I have never - in the 46 years of actively listening to international popular music - found a key to Carole King ... Maybe a matter of taste or "educated" taste?

Cheers, Tom

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The trouble with the Tapestry album is that it requires a system to be totally on top of its game, to sound as it should - I've found that the typical misdemeanours of ambitious rigs can make it hard going to listen to; so either use a mid fi setup to bypass the issues that the recording style causes, or a well sorted system.






Over and out.



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