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My New Favorite Power Outlet

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Hi Guys, Over the weekend I installed what's now my new favorite power outlet. Perhaps it isn't the most HiFi outlet, but I'm not using it for my audio components. I'm using it for other items and anything that can be charged via USB. This isn't just any outlet with USB ports. It has up to 30 Watts (6 Amps) and supports Power Delivery (PD)!


T5835-W_a_large.jpgAs you can see in the photo, I can charge my MacBook Pro with this outlet, even though the MBP power adapter is much more powerful. This outlet charges the laptop slower and will power it without charging while I'm using it. Goodbye external power brick and dragging it around the house. 


I installed the 20 Amp version of the outlet because the previous outlet in this location was 20 Amp and the circuit is 20 Amp. There is a 15 Amp outlet available as well. 


The other USB outlets from Leviton don't support Power Delivery. Here are links to the good ones. 



20 Amp version - https://store.leviton.com/products/30w-6a-usb-dual-type-c-c-power-delivery-wall-outlet-charger-with-20a-tamper-resistant-outlet-t5835-w


15 Amp version - https://store.leviton.com/collections/home-outlets/products/30w-6a-usb-dual-type-c-with-power-delivery-pd-in-wall-charger-with-15-amp-125-volt-tamper-resistant-outlet-t5635






Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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