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Streaming hires with Marantz PM7000N in standalone mode, does it work or not?

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A friend of mine is looking at the Marantz PM7000N. Despite the good reviews, I am not sure it will be the best choice for him.

He sees the PM7000N as a convenient one-in-all standalone solution for streaming hires from Qobuz or Deezer, without the need for further devices (except for a smartphone based remote control). Now I read that remote control for streaming on the PM7000N has to go via the Marantz/Denon supplied HEOS app. It would appear however that this HEOS app somehow does not allow for Hires PCM (via FLAC) streaming from Qobuz, even though the AK-DAC chip supports a lot of hires rates. There would be a workaround via using BubleUPnP, but the whole idea for him is not to depend on external hardware/software.


If someone has experience with hires streaming from Qobuz (or Deezer) to the PM7000N, please let me know if indeed there is this limitation or not.

Which alternative all-in standalone solutions at a similar price point (around 1100 euro/dollar) are you aware of which for sure enable standalone hires streaming?


Thanks in advance for all feedback.


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How is an app like BubbleUPnP, which for years has been at the forefront of providing lossless hi-res streaming from Qobuz to industry standard UPnP/DLNA supporting devices such as the PM7000N, a workaround?







BTW, Deezer supplies lossless CD-res streams on their best quality HiFi plan, not hi-res:




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I don't see UPnP / DLNA endpoint support with the Marantz so BubbleUPnP will likely not help. According to Marantz's web site and guide (https://www.us.marantz.com/-/media/Files/DocumentMaster/MarantzNA/US/Marantz_HiFi_PM7000N_Product_Information_Sheet.pdf) max resolution via network is 24/192. You will have to use the HEOS app if you want full functionality. The app can also access UPnP libraries like MinimServer, etc...

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