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Jcat USB XE kills Hqplayer in Audiolinux

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@Marcin_gps @hifi25nl, @Miskaand everybody how can help...

I had a quiet stable One-Box solution. 


Mainboard: Asus Pro WS C246-ACE
CPU: Intel Xeon E-2276G @ 3.80GHz
Ram: 2x 16gb Hynix ECC unbuffered DDR4 PC$-21300 UDIMM
*New Sound: Jcat XE USB with external Powerbank
Net: Jcat Femto Net
Software: Audiolinux Headless, Roonserver,Hqplayer all up to date...
Usb goes to LKS 004 Amanero 2006be10
Now the Jcat XE is making headache.
Roon is still running without any problem so far...but when I change to HQplayer output - after some songs no sound through anything. even Roon is not playing through XE card, but still bluos can receive Sound...
I changed Audiolinux to a basic setup, no ramroot, no extreme what so ever....
plz help...
attached is the configuration before and after music stops playing...
plz help me out here....thanks


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After fiddling around for a hole day and night with a lot of help from Piero and none from Jcat I found the troublemaker. The XE. It seems not to be compatible with the monoprice slimrun. 
i can see now, that this is discussed here before but without any working stable solution. 

i think Jcat should work on this. All other USB ports on the mainboard working without any complains 24-7...


also when they know it’s not compatible, they should warn on their site for compatibility issues! 

That’s what the say....

  • Plug & Play in any PC or mini PC with a PCIe slot
  • Extreme sound quality improvement for any USB DAC or USB-DDC


so please make it happen....

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You did not say you're using a fiber optic converter. 


Yes, there was one report before.


I do not see what can we change in the design of the  XE card to improve the compatibility with monoprice fiber optic converter.  


If you're not satisfied with a product, you can return it for a refund. 


Best regards,
Marcin Ostapowicz
JPLAY & JCAT Founder

JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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