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Uninterruptible Power Supply

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I have my Modem, Router, NAS and Roon Core (Sonictransporter i5) in a room upstairs and I am considering purchase an uninterruptible power supply mostly to protect the NAS. No magic here?  Everything goes through Orbimesh Router and my Streamer/DAC is situated elsewhere in my home.  

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I have a Cyperpower Systems UPS protecting my NAS and router.  The UPS is configured to gracefully shutdown the NAS if the power has been out for over 5 minutes.  My power tends to go out a few times a year, so this has certainly been a necessity.  

I've heard that the power coming out of a UPS is hugely noisy.  I'd imagine that's true while it's running off battery but not sure how bad it is when it's not.  That would be my one concern with running your Sonictransporter off the NAS.  You'll have to let your ears decide.


One nice thing about running my wireless router off the UPS is that I can still surf the web for a period of time during power outages.  That might be something to keep in mind when deciding which UPS to buy.  I need to shuffle things around a bit as making the switch to UniFi products has placed a much larger load on my UPS.  The power went out a few weeks ago and my internet went down way too quickly.

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I have a CyberPower CP685AVR UPS for my modem, telephone adapter, NAS and router. The NAS and UPS are linked via USB, and programmed so the NAS automatically shuts itself down safely after a 15-minute outage.


IMO, the protection afforded the NAS by a UPS is indispensable. We have several power outages a year, most lasting less than 10 minutes, but the duration of the outage is irrelevant. Transient spikes caused by power grid shutdown and startup can burn out equipment and wipe data. 

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