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Art Dudley Memorabilia


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I first became acquainted with Art Dudley when I subscribed to Listener Magazine. I enjoyed his style and approach to writing and looked forward to reading what he had to stay when he transitioned to Stereophile. As most of you know, he died after a short illness last spring and since then his daughter Julia has been selling some of his record collection on eBay. I took the opportunity to purchase his copy of "Four" & More by Miles Davis. I believe it was originally recorded in 1964 but the copy I purchased is from 1977. I was surprised and actually a little pleased that Julia included a copy of Listener from 1996 and a personal note with the album. It's been more than 30 years since I last owned a turntable so the only way I can listen to it now is via Tidal. This album turned out to be much different from the other Miles Davis albums that I own as it is very uptempo compared to the others. The version of So What on this album really steps along compared to the one on Kind of Blue. I know this is going to make me come across as some kind of Art Dudley FanBoi but I get a kick out of holding this album and knowing that at some time in his life Art decided that the music on this album is what he was in the mood for and sat down to listen to it as I've been doing.


On a side note, in the Listener that Julia sent me, the last paragraph of a review of the album Boys for Pele by Tori Amos reads, "It's as facile and pointless as shooting chickens with a high-powered rifle. And as cruel- if not to the chickens, than to the bystanders.


If you don't like it, why don't you just say so?



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