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Best music streamer for Chord DAVE

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Hi all.  I have recently purchased an Auralic Aries G2.1 and have it running through my Chord Electronics DAVE.  Problem is the whole Windows (DAVE) and Linux (Aries) thing.  They don’t produce anything above DSD 128.  Frustrating.

Any recommendations  of a music streamer in the 7-10K (Australian Dollars) range that goes with DAVE and is capable of the DSD 512 playback?

Any advice much appreciated.



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Chord philosophy is, afaik, to convert everything to pcm.

That said a solution could be to add a between your Dave and the Aries a Chord Hugo M Scaler.


It can accept in input up to pcm 768 and dsd256 (*) and will upscale up to 768.

It is fully compatible with your Dave and you can connect to it with dual BNC for maximum performance

nb (*) check this as many reviews confirm this spec but it is not clearly described on the Chord site




My audio system

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