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Shunyata VENOM USB Cable (1.5 Meters)

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Shunyata VENOM USB Cable (1.5 Meters)

Shunyata VENOM USB cable in 1.5 meter length, in perfect working condition (the ends of the cable have some residual bending from the flexed position connected to the rear panel of a DAC). Purchased new two years ago for $95, includes AudioQuest Carbon DragonTail 4" USB extender ($30 value) which is useful since the USB connectors are kind of fat and if you've got a closely spaced row of USB ports on the rear panel of your PC then the connector of this cable will block adjacent ports, unless you use the DragonTail. Asking $50. I've got a second identical VENOM USB cable with DragonTail. I will sell both cables for $90.


VENOM Series signal and speaker cables represent fifteen years of Shunyata Research’s evolved technical innovation and custom-parts engineering. The over-reaching goal was to create products that possess peerless quality and performance, at real-world prices. You’ll find that the finest in signal cable performance need not cost a fortune.


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    Tinnitus Andronicus
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    50.00 USD
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