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Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman² (2020)

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Yes, the 'squared' version of Tea for the Tillerman is out. The 11 songs are re-recorded, obviously different production/arrangements, louder than the original is one stand out.

Listening to the squared version is well, 50 years on, this sounds politically correct and normalised cover version, both technically and musically. Wild Word is a radically different song...


On it's own if you haven't heard the original, it's not bad. The original is a lot better, more punch delivered at the right time.


Out from September 18, 2020


tillerman 2



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I listened to it today.  With all our troubles, it was a gentle balm, and I welcomed at that brief respite and reminder of a simpler time in my life.  Well worth a reflective listen for those that love the original.  I'm sure I will revisit this interpretation as I grow older, and appreciate more the life bookends aspect of the interpretations.  The original was and is one the finest albums ever made.  ^2 could never live up to that, but the perspective looking back did work for me, and I appreciated that is gentle and from the heart.   This may be one I come back to and listen to every several years.



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Yusuf Cat Stevens, musician

Yusuf Cat Stevens chooses the eight tracks, book and luxury he would take with him if cast away to a desert island. With Lauren Laverne.



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The Wild World redo is fascinating when done on CBS's Stephen Colbert Late Night last week.  He and the band started the song off in its original scoring and then switched to the new one; nicely done.


I listened to the album in the car the other day (Spotify) and, as an album, is not particularly captivating.  I so enjoy the original much more (as an album).  But watch the Colbert performance; it is good.  :)

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