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Giant Steps Super Deluxe 2020 edition

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19 hours ago, mkrzych said:


Yes, time to time I used to fight with the label or the files provider to find where is the booklet, unfortunately without luck. If they are pressing/re-issuing anything the booklet and art is already in the digital form, it's just a matter to share it and include into the package. If in the digital era we are going to pay for the high resolution files (sort of, since many of them are just fake still!), booklets should be always included.


If people are able to download files with music from the Internet, probably they should be able to locate and download any information of interest to any extent from the Internet in the same way? 🙂

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9 hours ago, Ralf Hutter said:


Not if the record companies don't make it available.


Any information. Is there a problem to find an info about John Coltrane or Giant Steps album in any variety and quantity?


To start with:





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