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From out out of the blue several tracks on multiple albums will not play. I click on them and  after a delay the next track starts.  All of the albums had been working fine till just recently, that is the tracks were playable. I went to the Qobuz site on my iPad app and found that there was a blue box with SAMPLE in white letters on the right side of the screen opposite the name of the the track. Next I went to the Qobuz site on my computer and found that the tracks which would not play were grayed out. I haven't done anything on the Qobuz website. All I have done is listen normally using the Audirvana remote. Anyone have any idea what is going on/how to fix it?

2012 MacMini 8G ram -> Audirvana + 3.0 -> Mcintosh MHA 100> Nordost > Audeze LCD X

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