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Let us spice up the moribund General Topic Tab.  


I propose a Lyric of the Day Thread.


Topical. Transgressive. Subversive. Cute. Snarky. Profound. Truth to Power.


My first submission:   From the Rolling Stones "Living in a Ghost Town"  Chorus 2.



Chorus 2]
Preachers were all preachin'
Charities beseechin'
Politicians dealin'
Thieves were happy stealin'
Widows were all weepin'
(There's) no beds for us to sleep in
Always had the feelin'
It will all come tumblin' down



Well I have always thought that the Stones had a keen eye on the Zeit Geist. 

And yes, I always thought that "it will all come tumblin' down".


See you tomorrow.






In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues at stake ~ Sayre's Law

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