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Hi all,


I'm looking to purchase a new computer primarily for use as a music server. I have the external storage covered but would be interested to learn if anybody has experienced any discernable sonic benefit from an SSD based front end over convential internal drives. My other equipment comprises Benchmark DAC1 USB, Red Wine Audio Sig 30.2 amp and ProAC studio 110 speakers. My budget would stretch to a Macbook pro or a windows based machine with SSD such as recent releases from Samsung and Lenovo. Any advice/comments will be much appreciated.




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Just put the OS on it and use an external disk for music files. This is better anyway. You should have RAID1 with removable drives for your music. Otherwise, you risk losing everything. If you do an OS update, it erases the entire SSD, so you dont want your music there.


Steve N.

Empirical Audio


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currently I have my music on a 1TB iomega and then have another 1 TB iomega that is partioned and I backup the Mac Mini OS and Music files using SuperDuper!. That works great IMO!


I was just thinking that I could try a SSD for my music files but I'll still need a 1 TB SSD


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I have these suckers in every computer I own now. The speed increase and sound is so much better using these.


As a systems programmer the only thing I can think of is that the operating system is not stalling processes as much when the SSD are in use. I really see very little processor usage on any of my computers. But I do see a ton of virtual memory usage and when ever any of that is activated the operating system will swap that data from the hard drive to available memory. If there is little to no time then I think this frees up the main processor and therefore the applications which makes everything sound better.


64GB to 128GB is a good idea... you don't really need this for music storage only for the system disk.


Memory is another thing... 4GB is really best, 8GB even better.


Big 2 thumbs up!



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Mr C, you were responsible for that particular PC? Perhaps you might make the trip yourself another time?

It's a good show, Computer Audiophile wise I suspect European manufacturers are slightly lagging behind their US counterparts, But Alan Wolf, Andrew Jones and a handful of others were playing hi-res files quite a few macs and itouch's, I managed to meet up with Jonathan from Sonic, what a charming chap, be great to see you there , very best Keith.


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Thanks Chris, I had a brief chat with Andrew Jones of TAD in Munich , and he told me that he thought SSD's produced less jitter, I did ask him to qualify and he confirmed, possible? Keith.


Remember the song by Joe Jackson... Everything gives you cancer... man I just can't believe what competent engineers are saying....


NO SSD don't have less jitter. COME ON!!!!!!


Again for like the bizillionth time... THERE IS NO JITTER INSIDE THE COMPUTER.


Remember only SPDIF can have jitter and all other interfaces have NO JITTER (USB, Firewire, PCI etc..). The only jitter that there can be in the end device is when it converts from DATA to I2S (or left/right/dsp) serial audio. This is called intrinsic jitter.


The reason SSD sound better than rotational is many fold. Less current required makes less power supply noise therefore less radiation. Faster speed means less time delays in swaping of virtual memory. Faster task switching everything...





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Here are a list of my SSD machines... yea i know it works too well.


MacBook Pro 15/2.66 Vertex OCZ 120GB

MacBook 2.4GHz OCZ SLC 128GB (white used at RMAF by JA)

MacMini 2GHz 4G, Samsung 64GB SLC SSD

SuperMini 2.6GHz OCZ SLC 128GB 4G Memory


All but the superMini are dual boot either XP Pro or Vista


Linux OCZ IDE ATA MLC 64GB 2G Memory

XP Pro Samsung 64GB 4G Memory



I have a Mini and MacBook as well as 7 Linux and two Monster Windows machines that don't run SSD... yet!


Anyone have a good disk cloaning tool for XP/Vista?





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What I do if the drive is already has valuable data on it is get one of these USB to SATA/IDE interface cables (make sure it comes with power supply). I then format the drive to MAC Journeled then I partition it to GUID boot for Intel processors.


Then using Super Duper I dup the new SSD drive and then swap it. It will have everything there and SuperDuper makes sure it is boot ready.


There are a ton of video's on how to swap the drive. I think I have it down to like 15 minutes now.





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Why does putting the OS on a SSD improve the sound quality? Surely if you have enough RAM, the music playing software (Amarra, iTunes in my case) are memory resident anyway? My understanding is that the music file is loaded into a memory buffer too, so if this is the case how does it make a difference?


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Hi Micheal

I cannot tell you why ( I summize less power draw, lower emi, faster load times) but in every system I have placed a SSD there was a clear and distinct improvement in SQ cf a spinning HDD. Not sure about iTunes being run out of RAM. Amarra is certain to be.

Besides there are other things going on in the background than just playing music - the "quieter" (in an electrical sense) the pc the less power draw = less EMI. I'm guessing.

SSD's? Well worth the price of admission. Perhaps that is why I found Amarra better than regular iTunes for sure but not a religious experience - as I said a different flavour. Perhaps the SSD by itself made up some ground on the standard HDD plus Amarra. Dunno...

Why don't you try one?


Best Wishes


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\"It would be a mistake to demonize any particular philosophy. To do so forces people into entrenched positions and encourages the adoption of unhelpful defensive reactions, thus missing the opportunity for constructive dialog\"[br] - Martin Colloms - stereophile.com

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Better to look at Newegg:




Remember just like audio not all of these are created equal. Some only are as good as their rotating counterparts.


On Newegg they show the read/write speed... the more da better!





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