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Antipodes CX Music Server/Renderer + Samsung 2TB SSD + Audience AU SE USB cable, Free ship

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Antipodes CX Music Server/Renderer + Samsung 2TB SSD + Audience AU SE USB cable, Free ship

Yes, I have a problem. I just spent more than a car on an SGM Extreme. I'll leave the reasons why I quickly churn through world-class audio components to my shrink and audio anonymous sponsor. But, the result is I'm selling a 6-month-old Antipodes CX, including a 2TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD (with 1.3 TB of music) for $3950. I'll throw in a free 5' Audience AU SE two-headed USB cable ($900 list) so you can take advantage of Antipodes' capability to separate data and power via USB transmission.


If you don't want the SSD, it's $3750 for the CX and I'll still throw in the USB cable.

I've owned an Innuos Statement and compared the CX+EX combo to the Innuos + EX. The results were a matter of taste. The Innuos + EX was slightly more laid back/smooth, while the CX+EX had a little more punch. (I only compared using Roon. I didn't compare Innuos' native OS or other non-Roon configurations.)

The unit is in mint condition and has the original boxes, unused cables, and packaging.

Happy to send additional photos.

Finally, the CX will be upgrade-able to Antipodes' upcoming OLADRA technology.

Domestic shipping is included, but the buyer is responsible for additional insurance.
Payment fees, e.g., PayPal, aren't included. However, I will accept PP friends and family.

https://darko.audio/2018/02/antipodes-audio-ready-ex-cx-music-servers/#:~:text=Same multi-chamber internals as,less with the renderer app.”


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