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Best NAS for 8-10TB?


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Storing and serving audio is a doddle for the latest NAS boxes. The real test is whether they can stream 4k video which is why I've started looking for a more powerful replacement for my DS412+ which is filling up (2TB music, 2+TB home video, 12000 hi-res photos etc) and it looks as though the latest Synology '+' models would be more than powerful enough (e.g. DS 420+). If you expect your library to grow considerably there are models that have expansion boxes (e.g. DS 920+)


ALAC iTunes library on Synology DS412+ running MinimServer with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet running BubbleUPnP for control >

Hi-Fi 1: Airport Extreme bridge > Netgear switch > TP-Link optical isolation > dCS Network Bridge AND PS Audio PerfectWave Transport > PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge Mk.II > Primare A60 > Harbeth SHL5plus Anniversary Edition .

Hi-Fi 2: Sonore Rendu > Chord Hugo DAC/preamp > LFD integrated > Harbeth P3ESRs and > Sennheiser HD800

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