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So for the last year I’ve been very happy with my zen mini, backed up by two

portable HD’s, and using the zen CD burner. But I recently got tired of Sirius and want to use an iPod or iPhone to ferrry music to my car and then realized that I’m a year behind in burning cds to my iTunes. Question is whether there is software that allows me to transfer the files on zen mini back ups in flac or aiff to an apple device with playlists like iTunes can do.

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Instead of iTunes you could use Onkyo HF Player

Install it on iPhone or iPod touch, then connect the device to your pc/Mac where iTunes is installed, open iTunes, click on your device icon, go to file sharing, on the right will be shown the list of your device apps, choose HFPlayer.

Now click on add, the Finder/file explorer will open, go to the Zen shared folder, click on an album folder.

The folder will be copied to your iPhone/iPod

HF Player is free for iTunes integration but the Hi-Res library is an in app purchase.

It can play up to DSD files



My audio system

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or if you have Qobuz you could just download from their selections what you like to your offline Qobuz directory. Works pretty well for iphone 7 over 5g wireless

and storage capacity should surpasses the old ipods. You can download at your preferred rate up to original recording rate




Audio system

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