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Here's a fun little device to play with for anyone who is not challenged by a few instructions in Linux.




It has a 500Mhz processor. That's probably the lowest you can find for a linux based device. It runs a version of openWRT linux, and has, a few packages available (see below). 


You can use various docks to add USB, ethernet connectors, etc... I have been using it with the "Power Dock" to add USB output. I power it from a 3.7v lithium battery (the dock also acts as a charger, and has a small on/off switch). I am using it with Wifi - without an antenna, reception is good a few meters away from my router, but this may depend on your configuration. It is possible to add an antenna - there is a ufl connector on the board, but a resistance has to be de-soldered as well.


The "+" version of the Omega2 has more memory - anyone interested should probably get that model.


I followed these guides to start it up, and install shairport-sync (airplay) in a few minutes.






This thing is tiny. The sound quality using LMS (and the Airplay bridge) streaming to the Omega2 is very good.





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