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Running Springs Audio Elgar Power Conditioner and Voodoo Ultra Wave Powercord

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Running Springs Audio Elgar Power Conditioner and Voodoo Ultra Wave Powercord

I purchased the Running Springs Elgar power conditioner ($1100 list) and the 4ft. Voodoo Audio UltraWave cable ($325 list), new from The Cable Co in July 2014 after comparing it with comparably priced power conditioners. It has provided admirable service for 6 years, but I am now upgrading to a conditioner costing 3 times as much. The unit is in excellent condition, but I am listing it as an 8 because of age and some small scratches above one of the outlets.

Like all RSA power conditioners, the Elgar was "designed with proprietary precision capacitance technology to provide managed differential power distribution." Its principal design goals were:

"To significantly eliminate transient harmonics inherent in the vast majority of electrical topographies ...."
"To fully manage power distribution eliminating spikes, drops and irregular voltage velocities"
"To provide safety measures to insure against component=threatening blackouts, brownouts and general power dysfunction."

These design goals are achieved through a 100% passive, non current limiting design.
-rated at 1800watts @15 amps

The Voodoo Ultra Wave was a very well regarded and well reviewed powercord at a reasonable price. Jay Luong on Audio Bacon called it "an extremely great value considering the costs of the cables....the Voodoo is a no-brainer. It really is a low-cost upgrade to the stock that will yield fantastic results."

I have the original boxes, manual, stock power cord, and 3 carbon fiber footers. Buyer pays the shipping costs



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