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IDEON AUDIO 3R MKII Blackstar USB reclocker (sale from EU)

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IDEON AUDIO 3R MKII Blackstar USB reclocker (sale from EU)

Having gone another route with Aqua linq that have spdif outputs this little USB reclocker is up for sale.


It did wonders with the usb signal from my Antipodes EX into DAC. I is IMHO better than both ISO regen and sotm tx usb ultra. Have

had boths of them prior the Ideon audio.


Comes boxed in its original box with SMPS and documents.


Will ship from Sweden

Paypal is fine


New price 340 EUR


See this new review from EAR


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    250.00 USD
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Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amp with DAC, Sotm SMS-200 ultra/TX USB ultra, powered by an Uptone LPS-1 Audiostore Roonserver powered by a  HD plex PS. ASUS router AC 68 powered by a Teddy pardo PS, 

Speakers are standmounts Klångedang T1 with external crossover , Rega Planar 3 Lejonklou Slipsik phonostage

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