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Older 32 Bit Version Of ISO2DSD For Windows PC

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I have an older Windows PC which used to run the 32 Bit version of ISO2DSD. I have just restored the system and can no longer find the 32 bit version of the app to download. I downloaded Version 10 but that does not work.
Would anyone here have and be so kind as to share a link to download the older 32 Bit version?
I have moved to a Mac now and have the current Mac OS version on that but encountered an error:
"illegal byte sequence"
and extraction fails when using it to convert an ISO image file to DSF.
I suspect this may be because the title and artist has some strange double byte characters in it that do not quite translate properly on a Mac and so wanted to try the Windows version on my old computer.
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@seeteeyou thanks so much. V9 is a 64 Bit version.


The others are 32 Bit but I encountered an issue. It will start but then will say SACD Extract has stopped working.


I don't think it's the ISO file as it plays in Foobar 2000 with split tracks.


Any idea as to how to make it work or to use Foobar 2000 to split it into DSF files?



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