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EAC/iTunesEncode normalization question

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In these forums I found this excellent piece of advice and instructions. Yes, I'm middle-aged and still ripping CDs... It all still works on my W10 machine and I have just ripped my first few cds in EAC with iTunesEncode handling the compression to AIFF. (I'd stick with WAV if the format would accept metadata.)


I end up with 2 copies of each file: one in my iTunes library (automatically added as a consequence of invoking iTunes to do the compression), and one in the location I specified for the output file in EAC. So far so good.


Now for the not so good: both files created from the same track on the CD have received an "ITUNNORM" ID3 tag. Somehow iTunes does this when called by iTunesEncode to handle the compression. I'd prefer to have files without normalization added to them. I go through quite some trouble to rip lossless files to bit-perfect copies (hence EAC and my ancient Plextor Premium CD-R drive for blazing fast, error-less ripping to bit-perfect copies).


In iTunes I have SoundCheck turned off in preferences. In EAC I have not enabled "normalize" in EAC options. Still the ITUNNORM tag appears in the ripped files.


It's not a big deal, because the ITUNNORM tag can be removed easily enough. (I use Kid3.) Still, especially when ripping a large number of CDs, it would be great not have to have to additional step in the process.


Am I overlooking something?

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