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This is just pure curiosity and I will probably do the test anyway. I am currently running a dedicated ROCK NUC box in my office. It is quite a nice spec. Core i5 8th gen, 16GB of RAM and 500 GB SSD. My music library is currently on my Synology NAS also located in my office and both boxes are connected to the same switch. My main setup endpoint is currently Allo USBridge Signature located elsewhere in the house and connected to a UCB DAC. I've been wondering how using the NUC as an endpoint compare to the USBSignature. The USBsignature proved much better sound wise than A rpi4. I wonder how it will do compared to the NUC (also USB output). 


This is linked somehow (although not directly) linked to thoughts I already had to use a dedicated external HD as my library and use the NAS for backup purposes only. 


Anyone else tried a scenario like this? 



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My Roon server until I got an Asustor NAS was ROCK on an i3 NUC with SSD & 8 gigs of RAM.  My main audio systems are in other rooms, and the NUC sits on a shelf in my library.  Out of curiosity 1 day, I plugged my iFi nano DSD into the NUC, stuck a pair of JBL 305s on my desk, and hooked ‘em up.  SQ is excellent - tight bass, clear, sweet and smooth mids & highs, and a wonderful naturalness with near field listening.  It’s so nice that I left it all in place and now use it instead of the “better” system sitting 15’ away on the shelves.

I hear no difference at all between NAS and a USB drive for file storage, and NAS is so much more versatile with multiple systems that I’d need a very good reason to adopt another approach.


ROCK rocks as a player.  I’ve never heard a USBridge, so I can’t compare. But it definitely sounds a bit richer and more alive than my best souped up RPis on DSD files through my iFi and my SMSL SU-8 v2, with minimal difference (if any) at Redbook.  

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