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Article: Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 | One Year On

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Have to agree with you on all points.  Even a move from the first version to the second was more akin to a different speaker than I'd ever expected.  In my case, I've been a Spectral fan since the 260, despite Rick's commandments re: cabling.  Using their SV per and anniversary mono-blocks really do the Alexia 2's justice.  I went with black in keeping with all the silver and black gear.  It's allowed me to focus on the rest of the chain.  As I've made improvements, including most recently adding a master clock to the dCS Vivaldi Clock, it just gets more "real" to my ears.  Awaiting further Shunyata upgrades as a means to eliminate the traces of noise in the system that veil what's coming from the source.  Count me a big fan of Wilson.  Been a long, long road from John Bau Spica's, with various stops along the way (DQ-10's, Mirage M1's, Revel Salon's and stuff in between).  I've finally arrived!

Steve Schaffer

Roon Nucleus/ dCS Vivaldi Upsampler - DAC - Clock / Spectral DMC-30SV preamp / Spectral Anniversary monoblocks / Wilson Audio Alexia 2 / Shunyata Everest / Shunyata interconnects & power cables & Ethernet / Uptone EtherREGEN switch / Cybershaft OP21A-D / Uptone JS2

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