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(PRICE DROP) SOtM tX-USBultra (9V) USB Regenerator (with upgrades) (UK and Europe only sale)

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(PRICE DROP) SOtM tX-USBultra (9V) USB Regenerator (with upgrades) (UK and Europe only sale)

I am selling this highly regarded USB regenerator/reclocker because I now have a server with its own built-in reclocker, and the SOtM device is no longer getting any use.  In fact it has had no use this year and has been boxed away since before Christmas, though I have just fired it up to check that everything is still working.
The unit was bought new as a custom order from Elite Audio in April 2019.  It has upgraded Evox caps, silver 7N UPOCC internal wiring, eABS-200 EMI absorber paper and 75ohm master clock input, which are the upgrades many audiophiles now order as the 'Special Edition' unit.  SOtM have advised that the unit can be converted to 12V input by removing an internal jumper.
The unit is in excellent condition, fully working and with no marks or scratches.  It comes complete in its original box with 9V power supply, USB cable and instructions.
Elite Audio (the UK dealer for SOtM) is currently selling the tX-USBultra with master clock input for £1,200.  The silver internal wiring, Evox caps and eABS-200 paper upgrades would take this to around £1,400.  My asking price for this lightly used unit is £900, which includes Paypal fees and free delivery to a UK address.  I am mentioning the price here because I do not know how to change the currency to GBP in the 'Price' field.
Please pm me if you are interested.

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Zenith SE > USPCB (5v off) > tX-USBultra 9V (SR4) > Sablon Reserva Elite USB > M Scaler > WAVE Stream bnc > DAVE > Prion4/Lazuli Reference > Utopia/LCD-4/HE1000se

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