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FS: Pair of HFC CT-2 S/PDIF cables (Schroeder config)

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FS: Pair of HFC CT-2 S/PDIF cables (Schroeder config)

This is the lowest price at which I will sell these cables. If no takers, I'll either keep these for future projects, or break up this Schroeder configuration, and sell as individual digital cables. The latter would be a travesty, but...


I am selling a pair of Schroeder-configured High Fidelity Cables CT-2 digital BNC cables, as I described in this post: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/?do=findComment&comment=1058990



The Shroeder method uses 2 physical interconnects in parallel, in conjunction with Y-connectors, for a logical interconnect. So each "cable" in this pair being offered for sale is actually 2 physical cables with Y-adapters on each end.


Here is the price breakout of the components in the pair, along with MSRP:


  • $4500:              4x (2pair) 1.5m HFC CT-2 S/PDIF cables, RCA-RCA. Note, 2 of these together are used per connection.
  • $500:                4x 1BNC-2RCA adapters, sourced from Audio Sensibility
  • $180                 Furutech Nano contact fluid at the Y-connectors
  • $70                   JSSG360 shielding on all 4 cables.


These cables are the best I've heard between the Chord M Scaler and DAVE or TT2. They would work equally well as word clock cables in other applications. A note of caution: these cables are heavy, so cable management is essential, especially to reduce the strain on the components' BNC connectors. But with that done, they will reward you with truly exceptional SQ.


Cables will ship in the sturdy Pelican case shown in the picture.


MSRP: $5250 + labor

Asking: $1600 firm

  • Includes free shipping and PP fees within continental US.
  • NOTE for overseas buyers: you will have to additionally pay actual shipping and international PP fees. Any customs charges triggered are the buyer's responsibility.


PM me if interested.

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