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Is there a thread dedicated to SotM sMS-200 questions?

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I have recently purchased the SotM SMS-200.  I would like to ask for some advice or assistance with specific questions that, undoubtedly, have already been answered in some manner.


Is there a thread, whether here or at another site, that is dedicated to those types of questions?  If there is, can someone please direct me to it?


Thank you, in advance, for any assistance you can give me...


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Hi Ron,


This is probably the main SMS-200 thread but there are a few others:



It's 84 pages long but that also implies loads of info.


There's also the questions forum and the search function. But I'd recommend reading this thread as it will answer stuff you didn't think about.




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SMS-200 + Roon :

In the Roon Ready Config of the SMS200, there is a « Volume mode : Device controls » option
and I can manage the volume of my amp with that option via the iPad Roon app .
SMS-200 + Logitech Media Server : 
Question : do we have the same « Volume mode : Device controls »  for LMS ??

or an option via Logitech Media server ? (plugin ?) or via the iPeng app ?

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