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Hqplayer4 Settings


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4 hours ago, Bushikai said:



For the ones using Hqplayer 4, what is the best settings for DSD 256-512? I've having being able to listen them.many "pops" and "cuts", or is it the Mac mini not been able to process them?


Thank you.



First off, there is no "best" for any of this. It usually boils down to what you like best coupled with what your computer (mac mini) is capable of doing.


You probably want to start at DSD128 and try different filters and modulators. Getting to DSD512 can be a challenge for even higher-end CPU's ... for instance no one can do the EC modulators at DSD512 yet from what I understand. My i7-9700 can DSD256 with the EC modulators but it is max'ed out.


The EC modulators are popular but require considerable compute resources. Same with some of the close-loop filters(?). On the other end, the -2s filters are easy on computer resources. The HQP manual discusses each of the filters and modulators so you might want to review the manual.


In the end, you will just need to iterate to see what you like and what your mac mini is capable of doing.

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