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Speakers for Peachtree Audio decco125 Sky.

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Hi there is someone here who has experience with Peachtree Audio decco125Sky. Should buy me compact speakers for the amplifier.
Not sure what to go for not too expensive. Feel free to give some tips for use on finn. Everyone so nice to help me. Also got tips on Elipson Facet 6B or 8B and kef ls50 is something to consider

120 W @ 8 Ohm
16-24 Bit / 44.1-96 kHz PCM
Extensive internal grounding
Designed by a world-class engineering team
Optical input
Phono (MM) input
AUX input
Pre-Out for use as preamp / DAC or with subwoofer
Wi-Fi module
Available in Piano Black
Made in North America

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Like what then type and brand Speaker should be small and compact, Tripod speaker, book speaker. There are no Peachtree dealers here in Norway anymore. Then it's a twist to get few businesses to help, so then you almost have to come up with a little more spec on what fits. Have little clue about it there. It would have been a great pity to have to get myself a new amplifier.

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